Life Groups

Learn more about our life groups that are starting up in the fall!

Why Life Groups?

We believe that the best way to grow in your walk with God is to surround yourself with real and meaningful relationships. And that's what life groups are for!

Being a part of Fellowship Baptist Church is more than just breathing the same air as other people once a week; it's intentionally getting to know each other and helping each grow more like Christ, and life groups help make that possible.

What will we be studying?

In our sermon time on Sunday mornings, we have been in the book of Acts for some time. And one of the major themes of Acts is the idea of spreading the Gospel. This theme being set before us week after week has produced the desire to learn how to become fluent in the Gospel.

So with that, we will be going through a study on Gospel fluency. Not only will we learn how to be fluent in thGospelel to other people, but we will also grow in our ability to preach the Gospel to ourselves when negative thoughts enter our minds.

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Group Options:

We have four options for you to choose from!

Mondays: (2 options)

Saulo & Amy's group will be starting at 6:00 PM.

Agnes's group will be starting at 7:00 PM.


Dean & Lorrenda's group will be starting at 7:00 PM.


Nikki & Dan's group will be starting at 7:00 PM.

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